Immerse yourself in Norfolk and Suffolk's rich heritage, whether in a historic home, visiting one of the many mills or churches scattered throughout the countryside or visiting a fantastic museum

Time and Tide Museum

The Time and Tide Museum occupies the premises of what was once the Tower Fish Curing Works, originally built c.1850 and enlarged in 1880

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Tolhouse Gaol

Built about 800 years ago, the Tolhouse Gaol was once the home of a rich merchant

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Elizabethan House Museum

Built around 1596, the Elizabethan House Museum is a fantastic museum to visit

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The Hippodrome Circus

The historic Hippodrome was built in 1903 by legendary circus showman George Gilbert

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Berney Arms Windmill

The Berney Arms windmill is approximately a ¼ mile walk from the station

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Burgh Castle

Burgh Castle is possibly one of the most impressive Roman buildings to survive anywhere in the United Kingdom

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